Golf Thread


There are three golf courses up there you fucking eejit.


And Only one of them is 18 holes you doddery oul codger. You live in howth Ffs sake.


Why do you use ffs sake?

Why not just ffs?


How long have you been here? Ffs sake!


Foad die


Ah mike. You’ve mugged yourself off here.


I did, I did


Since when is a nine hole course not a golf course?


TBF fair it’s clear from @Big_Mick_McCarthy’s post that he played 18 different holes.


Mate, up your game & drop the Mr Nice Guy persona please.


I’m a nice guy, pretending to be a cunt on the internet doesn’t really interest me.


When they turn it into a ‘foot golf’ course.


First round of 2017 earlier. Tough day at office but smashing day for it


Played Seapoint last Saturday. Enjoyable course if not particularly long. Wouldn’t like to have to play it in mid summer as it was almost impossible to keep an approach shot on the green and the wind off the coast makes it a tough course.


Where is that? Looks stunning.


Ballybunion old course


Is it hard for the great unwashed to get a round in there and how much would you be talking? Might try and organise something for September. Looks like heaven.


Doesn’t seem too hard but it’s super expensive. My old lad had a gift of a two ball but a Tuesday morning tee time in May was €180 per head.


Grand day on the old course in Ballybunion today. Nice bit of a breeze in it, proper links golf.


What did you shoot, pal?