Golf Thread


Played patchy enough, had 30 points for a finish, scratched four holes early on before I got the driver functioning. Bane of my life that fucking club :angry:


Dangerous club on that course. You’d be as well off tipping around with the three iron.


Only ever played it once. 26 points off 18 before I got swing lessons and sorted out my putting. Great, great course. Didn’t find the sand once, must be a record


Played Dooks last week with a dysfunctional enough game but still enjoyed it. Magnificient views of the peninsula. Shot 28 points but putting was atrocious and driver let me down a few times. Trying to organise this trip below for August. Great Value for money.


Two greats on Irish soil .


I played that, or something similar a few years back. Good value but weather was grim and we played atrocious


Any tips for tomorrow. I suppose weather will play its part any advantage putting a bet on early tee hitters


Great column by FotF Malachy Clerkin (hi Mal) on the weird manchildren who play golf and attend competitive golfing events.


Glasshouses, stones etc…


Harsh on Malachy - he’s a good guy.


A swift nine, a winner posted on the equine thread, and a few pints to follow. The simple things are best.


Where is That? Looks sensational


The 6th at Lahinch. My personal favourite, a glorious creation.


You have a lovely way of living, pal. :ok_hand::clap:


I’m a confident guy Har :wink:


BBC have won the PGA rights.


The USPGA major as opposed to the PGA Tour rights?




Sky Sports must be seething


Fuck em