Golf Thread


Not helping their plans for world domination though


Nope, but they won’t get there anyway. Subscriptions are down year on year. People have copped on to them an awful lot. Unless the can somehow nullify the threat of the iptv s of this world, it won’t help their cause either.


Excellent news. This now gives the US PGA championship a much enhanced status as the year’s second and final major.

I trust the great Peter Alliss will be on commentary duties.

Pay television sport is fucked.


That’s one thing we can agree on Sidney, the market is in decline.

The R&A were an absolute disgrace in ditching the BBC. The event is losing prestige every year it stays on Sky.


Indeed. I now refer to that event as the “British Open” in protest and shall continue to do so until it returns to the Broadcasting Corporation.


Eventually all events will be on demand with individual a la carte packages.


The year’s second and final major, the US PGA, starts now on the home of major championship golf, BBC2.


Fantastic intro from the Nature Boy


The job for getting the Monday out of the system




For the golfers… what do you think of driving ranges? Good thing or bad thing?


I haven’t really the patience for them (which I suppose is a problem with my game in a more general sense). I think you need to understand your own swing to benefit properly from them, or failing that have someone with you who can spot where you’re going wrong


Grand if you’re working on something specific with your swing but you’d need to know where you are going wrong first and not many people can self diagnose this. I struggle with driver all the time and when it goes bad I’ll spend 2 or 3 evenings working on sorting it out on the range.


It depends how you use it. Some lads just go up and hit a driver as hard as they can. I generally get 60 balls and hit 12 each with a driver/5 iron/7 iron/PW/SW. Sometimes I try not to hit the same club consecutively so would hit a driver, 7 iron and SW as if I was playing a hole and missed a green.

I struggle with a slice but due to the driving range and a lot of tweaking I have come up with a fix that may have taken years to come up with. I have tried a couple of pros who have not really made any improvement to my game. There are enough professional golfers who never got lessons to show that with enough practice you can come up with the solution yourself.


Practice is gold so nothing at all wrong with as much as you can get ( stomach ) of it imo.

Great way to work on things & distance control with irons especially.


Range mats are too forgiving for fat or thin shots. Ok for grooving a swing or swing change. Grass ranges are brilliant but hard come by.


You’d want your head examined to be at work of a Friday lads


Paul Dunne about to get his first pro win.
-19 on tee box at 18th in British Masters.
FOTF Rory McIlroy is 2nd at -17 in the clubhouse.


Pitches In on last for -20. Smashing finish


Fair play to Dunne. Huge win for him, did it with style too