Golf Thread


Far better off finding somewhere with short game facilities and practising chipping and putting


Glorious day in de Kingdom



Wheres that @Raylan?


Tralee GC


Why is your man in red using a putter from the rough?


See the flag beside him?


Winter mats?


Yeah. Pain in the hole. Made a fuck of my two best drives trying to hit off them, when I still had a score going


Very frustrating alright. How were the greens? Playing Dooks, Tralee and both courses in Ballybunion in a few weeks in a links challenge. All for €300 which I thought was reasonable enough.


I must try get back into the golf during the summer. Playing off 18 :smile: There was a time where I was playing twice a week but I lost interest all of a sudden. I miss it now :confused:


They were a bit slow as you’d expect this time of year, but they were running true. That’s a decent deal alright, I haven’t knocked Waterville off my list, looking to get down there at some stage this year.
That open comp we were playing is €50 a man, it’s great value. It’s on again the May and June bank holiday Mondays if anyone hasn’t played there yet. Unmissable course imo.




Tralee is sensational spot. 50 quid is some steal


What are you playing off now pal?


First day out of the year, fairly typical links conditions.


Where are you, pal?


Portmarnock. A fine course


Golf :smile:


Its fine course if you can get to play it on the cheap. Its robbery for tourists paying 150 + a head of a green fee. I played it 4 or 5 times with a former boss who was a member and thought it was a bit boring.

I used to drive him ape saying it wasnt a patch on Corballis (views from Corballis are 10 times better)