Good Books

John McGahern should be there though obviously previous generation. John Boyne has promise. Lots of John’s.

I found edna o brien dreadfully dull. She was probably ground breaking for her time but her books haven’t aged well

I found that she wrote Girl very impressive. I find John Boyne a bit of a pain.

Was that a Quirke book?

No, it was called Singularities. It had some characters from his earlier books apparently. It was a load of tripe anyway. I read one of the Quirke books I thought it was ok, it didn’t have me wanting to read more of them.

Claire Keegan
Emma Donoghue
Sally Rooney
Anne Enright
Fagan’s mate’s sister

I’ve probably forgotten someone.

I don’t like Banville really, I’ve read a few over the years, not my thing, the first Quirke book wasn’t bad I think.

I do really like Claire Keegan, wish she’d write a novel though.

I read Snow. Starts off well but turns needlessly disturbing I thought. I think @Fagan_ODowd is of a similar view.

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Strikes me as very up his own hole.

I thought the Book of Evidence was great.

Anna Burns

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I was going to include her but for some reason hesitated as she is from the six counties.

@RaymondCrotty - apologies

Just finished it there. Great book.

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Not the appropriate thread really but I finished Cormac McCarthy’s last book, Stella Maris, recently. It’s a sequel/prequel to his second last book the Passenger. The Passenger was fairly shite but Stella Maris is utter shite altogether. A case of reaching way beyond his grasp - writing about mathematical theory, philosophy, the atomic bomb, from the perspective of a schizophrenic young female maths genius - resulting in complete gibberish.

This is the Good Books thread pal. Go off and set up a shite books thread for yourself

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We’ll leave that up to the mods. You can always flag the post as inappropriate if you have an issue.

Harsh enough comment. I’m sure you’ve criticised books in this thread.

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I loved this paragraph from The Star of the Sea.


There was an interview with Donal Ryan on the Blindboy podcast. It was my first time hearing him talk. He comes across as a fierce sound fella.