Good Books


Bought it the weekend . It seems very similar to a book 8 years ago called "Race of a Lifetime " about the 2008 Democratic . nomination race . HRC came out of the story very badly . Hard to fathom that 8 years later , and after a less than glorious period as SOS , the Democrat’s establishment figured she was the best candidate


Think the Nogra crew might enjoy this.


It’s a nice read ok .


If he brings out the hurl version i might consider reading it


Lord, but that brings back memories. I stood in that shed manys the time and the hurls were genuinely something special, wands. I never found anything like them since.
I remember being about 7 or 8 and the brother & I coming home with a hurl apiece. Went up to the school field and played a match for two hours solid against two of our neighbours. It was a dirty wet day and we went home to the mother covered in shit. We got a good flakin & an early night. Ah, the memories :cry:


Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the heads up, you flushed out @gaillimhmick for us anyway.


Truly wonderful. Has everything to be fair. Wit, laughter, emotion & hurt.

Thanks for the heads up, mate.


A bit twee at all? I’ve been meaning to read that.

I’ve recently enjoyed Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed, very interesting in the context of TFK psychology, things like never admitting fault or mistakes and digging your heels in in the face of irrefutable evidence, anyone else read this?


Twee in the eyes of a cunting townie maybe.

My auld lad is alive and well but this book was worth the read. Beautifully penned story imo.


The hype surrounding it at the time of its release reminded me a little of that Michael Harding fella who I enjoy listening to but would probably give me a pain in the hole to read.
Rural Ireland is very interesting to me, I’m a big fan of Donal Ryan and I’ve read that they may face the rising sun twice!! :astonished:
I’ll pick up that Hurley makers book.


You won’t regret it.


No but meant to. Did you hear any of his podcasts with Andrew Flintoff and Robbie Savage?


Wasn’t aware of them but I’ve read three of his books now (one is a collection of articles) and find him fascinating, I’ll seek them out.


They are called “flinttoff, savage and the ping pong guy”. Some good discussions but a bit of a circle jerk sometimes. Bbc 5 live


I checked it out in the meantime, will give one a blast in the morning


I presume you’ve read “Bounce” so mate? Is “Black Box Thinking” along the same lines or is there more to it?


Less about sport, more about how we don’t learn from our mistakes often enough, the title refers to how airlines are constantly learning and refining, the black box is one of the keys, contrasted with medicine which is the opposite, there’s an extraordinary amount of deaths due to medical malpractice which would have been avoidable if culpability had been taken previously, great anecdotes peppered throughout.
There’s a good section on a topic called cognitive dissonance which made me think of TFK, a psychological trait in humans which allows us to hold our erroneous beliefs in the face of extraordinary evidence against them.
A decent read but bounce appeals more due to the sport aspect.


Yeah I’d be more into the sport side of things so might give it a miss. Might give them podcasts a go though. Cheers for the info mate


There’s sports bits throughout, enough to keep you going, an interesting section on Beckham and how he worked at targets as a kid, first 100 keepie uppies and so on till he got to free kicks, practiced the absolute shit out of them until he almost perfected them and culminated in that shot against Greece.


Is he not exposed as a massive fraud at this stage?