Good Books


I have no idea. :flushed:


Thought he was caught up in the whole marginal gains philosophy but could be wrong


Is that the team Sky thing? He may have been misled there alright but it’s a small part of what he’s about.


Reading three good ones here.


I’d say the fourth piece of reading material in that picture is the best of the lot.
@Smark reviewed that Prisoners of Geogrsphy book here recently, sounds interesting.


I really enjoyed Prisoners of Geography.


Varoufakis must be coining it ?


My mother read Hilbilly Elegy . She reckoned it reminded her of Eastenders .


Was in town a while ago, came highly recommended




It has a glossary for non roasters :ok_hand:


Welcome to three weeks ago


Is that orla Kiely wallpaper mate?


I don’t know that mate.


Twee simpleton




‘Days Without End’ is a smashing read.


“Dunt” is a great word


It is . I love it in the context of sport .

"X was playing well until Y went on him and gave him a good dunt .


Indeed, one of the best Irish novels in a while.