Good Books


I am enjoying this immensely.


All three of these I enjoyed immensely. The Hillbilly Elegy one is a great read in particular. Great insight into white working class life in America. Varoufakis’s book is an eye opener. There are some awful cunts in the EU.


Seconded on Hillbilly Elegy. Finishing the last 30 pages of this today, lots of parallels between the community Vance came from and some of the poorest socioeconomic group s in Ireland…


Twas England bade our wild geese go…


Mrs Fitzy was donating some books to charity (or rather putting them in my car for me to do the actual physical act of donating them). One them looked interesting, In The Forest by Edna O’Brien. I had never read any of her stuff, so I thought I’d delve into my feminine side and give it a whirl. It’s ostensibly a recreation of what happened with Brendan O’Donnell in the 90’s, a case I remember well and I know many here are fascinated with. Apparently, this book was quite controversial when it was published, but got good notices.
It’s not very good, the language is flowery, it’s actually quite boring (how you can make that case boring is beyond me) and I really can’t see the point of it. I also can’t understand why I read the whole fucking thing.


Edna O Brien is just not a very good writer. I think her fame stemmed from having one of her books banned rather than her talent.


The bit of sauciness didn’t hurt either


Sex sells .


Some recommendations for holiday reading please, gents. Will be purchasing at lunchtime. Prisoners of Geography is on the list. Anything else?


What kind of books do you like?


You ever read don winslow? The cartel and his new one the force are both excellent


Sport, crime or history mostly.


I read this over the Christmas and really enjoyed it…


James Ellroy.


Interesting. Looks right up my street. I’ll have a look for that.


Two easy reads would be

An oldie but a goldie - Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty. If you havent read it, give it a twist.

If you’re a fan of the movie “The Princess Bride” (and why fucking wouldn’t you be) you might enjoy As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by the lead actor Cary Elwes. As easy a holiday read as you’ll find.


Sex on the moon is a great read. True story about some super genius who got a job with NASA and then decided he’d steal a load of moon rocks, which were potentially worth millions and millions but realistically weren’t worth a fuck to him the thick cunt.


Another one for you…


I’ve read American Tabloid and LA Confidential which were enjoyable. Stopped reading the Cold Six Thousand halfway through, thought it was very poorly written.


I’ve actually being meaning to read the first one for a while, mate. Good call. I’ll politely ignore the second suggestion.