Good Books


Looks fairly heavy going, bro?


You should read the rest of the LA Quintet mate. The Big Nowhere and Black Dahlia are better than LA Confidential imo. White Jazz is also decent.


As you wish.


Would you be interested in dystopian Japanese novels?


Have you read the 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappeared? It’s fiction but it’s a very good, if bizarre, read. Kind of like Forest Gump as it goes back through his life story and he pops up in loads of historical moments


Spanish chap in work asked me for an Irish book to read- I recommended Martin Dillon’s Shankhill Butchers - It has blown his world wide open and he’s ready to enlist


I find that 2nd language books don’t usually translate well in the main.


Sounds like the kind of book that’d piss me off, bro.


I don’t read fiction as a rule but it was recommended to me by someone and it didn’t disappoint


Learn Japanese then you lazy bastard






You’d enjoy this mate


Gerry Adams read this . He is getting some flak on Twitter over it .


Gritty. Glasgow through the lens of a female Irvine Welsh


@Horsebox I thought the 100 year old man was really shit but it might appeal to some.

A really excellent holiday read would be Before the Fall by Noah Hawley who is partly responsible for the Fargo TV series, top class


I enjoyed this. Just started The Good Father.

@Horsebox “A Man called Ove” is a great easy read.


Another translation? Learning Swedish as well as Japanese in next 7 days might be a stretch.


Is that Eleanor Oliphant book a bit girly, it’s reviews are staggeringly hood


The Book Of Dave.