Good Books



If you’re talking about the Good Father it is written by Noah Hawley


They did a good job on the translation.


You’ve inspired me to think about going to Easons @Horsebox


The Book of Dave tells the story of an angry and mentally ill London taxi driver named Dave Rudman, who writes and has printed on metal a book of his rantings against women and thoughts on custody rights for fathers. These stem from his anger with his ex-wife, Michelle, who he believes is unfairly keeping him from his son. Equally influential in Dave’s book is The Knowledge—the intimate familiarity with the city of London required of its cabbies.

Dave buries the book, which is discovered centuries later and used as the sacred text for a dogmatic, cruel, and misogynistic religion that takes hold in the remnants of southern England and London following catastrophic flooding. The future portions of the novel are set from 523 AD (After Dave).


Sorry mate, directed at you by mistake, it was a general question, I’ll definitely read more from Hawley, the one I read was excellent.


The bookshop in that square in Waterford is absolutely top class, I love a nicebookshop


I’ll be in Hodges Figgis in about 20 minutes if anyone wants to meet me for a coffee.


The Book Centre. The bit at the back with the triple height ceiling is part of the bingo hall/theatre/cinema where I saw the Smiths play in 1984.


You might enjoy this

Brilliant writer. @aislinndubh on twitter . Colm o Callaghan im sure @backinatracksuit knows who he is.


The Grapes of Wrath


Best book ever written IMO, daunting for a holiday though.


I read East of Eden on the cruise when I was recently in the south pacific

loved it


I did know him a long time ago, he used to pal around with my next door neighbour and occasionally drank in the Lib, I haven’t read the blog before though


Im not a huge music fan but the blog is worth a read for anyone from cork regardless. Seems like a right decent skin


Cannery Row is a great book and a bit lighter than some of Steinbeck’s stuff.


Would you read a book penned by a woman?


Another great book, Grapes was more up my street.

I’ve often recommended Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, it’s another big book but well worth the read.


It’s a fantastic shop, ambience better than any other in Ireland, brilliantly laid out with reviewed books and staff recommendations easy to find


Top Top book, must be over a decade ago since I read it. Virgin Suicides not bad either.


Good book as well, his most recent was very disappointing but still very readable