Good Books


What? Seriously? I thought it was a load of gash not very well written and full of historical inaccuracy (yes, I know it was fiction) - I thought there was no real thought behind the story just one set of miserable events crashing into each other and as with a lot of American writers - even true of TV /Movies today - the only message is the longing for the tough pioneer spirit of their (white European) ancestors who colonized the west… The sneering at Christianity aside, I think it’s vastly over-rated and if not for Ford making a movie on it, it probably wouldn’t rate half as highly as it does.


A fruitless 15 minute search for the Boys will be Boys book aside, a successful mission accomplished. Good job, team.


I’m reading The Naked and The Dead by Norman Mailer at the moment - about a group of soldiers fighting in the Pacific in WW2. Really enjoying it and definitely recommended if a good war novel appeals


You dodged a bullet with Boys will be boys, one for the Cowboys fanatics, massively overrated sports book


I’m not interested in American football at all more interested in the hijinx. To be avoided so if no interest in murder concussion ball?

cc @myboyblue


Great book. Read it many times. Presume you’ve read Of Mice and Men too, bro?


Plenty of hijinks mate. Obviously its got bits and bobs about the team as well, but you’d be well able for that. Maybe it was a bit more complicated than the writing on the back of a trainer box?


I bought a copy of Michael Harding’s Talking To Strangers in Dublin airport last weekend. A great read as he journals his life, his struggled with depression and his wife and the characters he meets during 2015.

He has a lovely way of writing about him.


A few interesting characters and minor tittalation aside its bang average, I had very high hopes, you can have my copy


Well I do like a bit of titillation…:thinking:


Well then, I’ll send it to your PO box,
It’s not a bad book at all, Charles Haley and Michael Irvin are interesting characters, hugely overhyped though, the same writer did a better book on the 86 Mets, similar vein


Bad guys won or something like that? They actually had that there. The computer said they had the Boys will be Boys one but they didn’t have it. I hate it when computers lie.


That’s the one, you’d want to understand the game because of the vocabulary you’d be expected to have, same for any sport I’d say.


Anything by Cormac McCarthy is worth a read.
Read 3 or 4 of this books each bleeker that than the last, but a fine writer


The History of Glue. Odd topic but very good historical meander. I couldn’t put it down.



Finished No country for old men recently. The first of his books I’ve ever finished. Ending was meh but good up until that.


Not yet brah. I will though


Read Blood Meridian a while back. Hard to get through, but worth it.

Struggling through Stephen Baxter’s Time at the moment. Not as good as Space.


Make sure you do.