Good Books


I would read a lot more books if it wasn’t for tfk


I was in his company last month after a funeral. He’s an enjoyable droll and cuttingly witty fucker…
My most enjoyable sojourn of the year to date…


The fucker strikes me as a fella who will never have any problem having female company . He seems an OK sort too . My mother is a fan of his writings .


I haven’t read a book in 2 years… I just can’t do it post thesis… It’s all IRA or British Armed Force’s murders in Ireland documentaries on YouTube for me.


I have turned in to a hoor for starting books andreading a third of them and then events take over .


“Behave” by Robert Sapolosky
"Conscious coaching" by Brett Bartholemew
"The subtle art of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson
"Thinking" by loads of people really.

All books read in last while. Some facinating shot in 1 & 4. 2 & 3 are excellent in other ways. CC is a must read for any coach


Not much good for @Horsebox at the seaside so.


Yep I could’ve guessed that alright. Your attention span and comprehension skills have dropped alarmingly in the last 2 years.


It’s fucking great, so it is.


Just be careful, kid. Fine line between taking a break and getting stupid.


I’ll take you expertise on board, pal.


The Beano Book 1997 might be more up his street.




The likes of you, @backinatracksuit and @The_Selfish_Giant pretending to be intellectuals and bandying about books like the Wrath of Grapes as confirmation of this is laughable. A shit book that 2 of you certainly didn’t read anyway, so you didn’t.


I only read books when im out at sea mate.

Books are for dweebs


Introspection is much better - Meditation, NLP etc.

You’ve lads trying to escape their life in books and tv and women’s sports - They’ll never achieve true happiness - You know yourself, mate.


Its my calling in life to educate and improve things for the more harmless tfk members such as @Fran and @Horsebox


Geez Louise, no need to get so personal. Didn’t realise I had touched a nerve so badly.


And we are forever grateful mate


‘Days Without End’ was excellent.