Good Books


@TreatyStones, have you ever read Anam Chara by John O’Donoghue?


‘Try shoving your thumb up your hole’ by Chocolatemice is a great read.


Have you a problem?


What’s it to you?


Is that what they did to stop the shit running down your legs in Stepper Flanagan’s


Read the Cartel on my holiday. Very good so bought The Force. Enjoying that too, only about 80 pages to go. Have you read any of his other stuff, pal? I’ll be going book shopping tomorrow if I’m not too shook.


No just those. He has another highly acclaimed one called power of the dog. The cartel was a sequel to it but dont know how it would read having read the sequel first


Any other good books lately?


The Power of the the Dog and Boys will be Boys purchased at lunchtime. I will report on both once completed.

cc @gilgamboa and @myboyblue


Read ‘so you have been publically shamed’ by jon ronson. V interesting book


Tried reading one of his books before, Lost at Sea, couldn’t get into it at all.


He’s awful… real snowflake writer for the snowflake generation.


Your word is good enough to confirm my original suspicion, bro.


I read the Prisoners of Geography in Spain, its unreal, I saw in the airport and remembered @Smark recommending it and I bought it, as we share the same views and outlooks in most subjects


I’ve been reading a good bit more lately which I had been meaning to do for a while.

Redemption Falls by Joseph O’Connor is fucking epic. Best thing I’ve read in ages. cc @horsebox

My Name is Leon is a lovely little book written from the perspective of a kid taken into foster care that you’d get through in a day.

Currently reading It. King is really taking his time with it but I like Stephen King. cc @KinvarasPassion


Loved, absolutely loved Redemption Falls though that opening chapter is very tough work, it’s loosely based on Thomas Francis Meagher
Hated My name is Leon but read it through anyway.


You hated it? Dear God how? I thought it was a beautiful book.

The causes of Glas

Great reading mate. Finish it out. The finale, Bloods a Rover wraps it all up nicely.

Struggled through Irvine Welsh’s A Decent Ride on holidays last week. Poor enough plot premise.


It’s dull mate, wouldn’t be my kind of book.
I suspect you’d enjoy ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ though.


Finished The Force last night. Pathetic ending after an enjoyable enough read. Hate that.