Good Books


I finished reading Donal Ryan’s collection of short stories last week ( A slanting of the Sun)

Highly recommended.


Outstanding, as good a collection as I’ve ever read.


You are going too far there. He has not caught up with McGahern, Trevor, O’Connor or O’Flaherty, to name some Irish targets.


Wouldn’t be familiar with O’Flaherty but for my taste his stories are up there with the best of the others, possibly because they’re contemporary, Trevor and McGahern can be outstanding but twee enough as well,
I grew up with those Frank O’Connor stories.


Just ordered Robert Harris latest novel Munich.

Really enjoyed Conclave and An Officer and a Spy. Always remember reading his debut novel Fatherland in a single day. Was not as much of a fan of the Roman trilogy he did.

He is on this weeks Irish Times Inside Politics podcast. Interesting take on Britain, Brexit and Corbyn.


Just finished this. Very enjoyable.


Finished Hillbilly Elegy last night. Good read alright. I thought it ran out of steam a bit towards the end. You’d be left a bit conflicted. They have a tough life but his solution seems to be that they should go to church, not be so lazy and stop living in broken homes.


A solid 7/10 for K Fallon’s book FORM.


What did you make of it in the end? I was a bit undewhelmed - lots of historical insight but a fairly average story imho


Would agree found Munich underwhelming.
Would always read Robert Harris just based on how much I enjoyed Fatherland years ago.


Yeah not great.

Officer and a Spy was better


Just finished dark hollow, and starting a book with torment in the title now, can’t remember the full name. John Connolly and Denis Lehane books are a real treat.
I don’t read to be educated.




I’m tipping through Blindboy’s short story collection slowly, it’s insane stuff but massively laugh out loud, I started one last night where Mick Collins has to fuck Dev up the arse to create an army of two foot warriors while the two of them are indulging in a series of high end cocktails expertly prepared by Dev himself, mad shit altogether.


Sounds a bit silly really .


Exactly mate, the homophobe is probably into that sort of stuff


Anyone read anything good recently?

I need a read for the Christmas break to go with the nice bottle of Jameson Black Barrel Reserve that Santy is bringing me…


Judas Pig by Horace Silver


Well now mate, I assume silly was the idea alright what with the plot description I gave, I’d say it would drive rastool homophobes ape altogether though so it’s alright with me.


A bit juvenile TBH . Another thing , blindboy isn’t from moyross .