Good Books


Huh, who ever thought he was from Moyross, everybody in Limerick knows who he is and where he’s from.
It’s a comedy book mate, completely ridiculous stuff, not usually my thing but good for a laugh every once in a while, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and all that


One of them is @ChocolateMice anyway


What kind of thing? The Noah Hawley book and the Sebastian Barry were the best novels I read this year I’d say


Which will you finish first?




He dropped it like a bombshell and all :smile:


The aul sarcasm director turned off 2dsy kiddo ??


Sorry mate, I’ll give you the BOTD


I listened to the Erskine Fogarty one on the podcast the other day. I enjoyed it. The Limerick accent made me lonesome. All his problems caused by “Dublin cunts”.


Haven’t got to that one, Dev and Collins were helping themselves to Erskine Childers marischino cherries for their caipirinhas alright


Stitched up like a kipper!


Agreed on Barry. Read Hawleys and thought It was decent enough to give another of his a go. I think the previous one,The Good Father, is better.
@Portumna_Bridge My Name is Ove is the best book I’ve read in the last while. Hillbilly Elegy is an interesting read if you’re not into fiction.


He is yesterday’s news


Is that A Man Called Ove?


Yes. That’s the one. Cracking book. Easy read


Read Missoula by John Krakauer recently, excellent if tough read


Finished 'Sapiens ’ by Harari. Recommended reading for any one interested in a history of humans book.


Any recommendation for a book on Irish folklore lads?


Eddie Lenihan is your only man.


@ChocolateMice ‘s thesis is a very enjoyable read.