Good Books


Tipperary’s Two in a row Triumph.


Every Dead Thing by John Connolly is a great oul book.


“Over nine waves”.


Finished ‘The Drunkard’s Walk’ by Leonard Mlodinow. Unfortunately my poor grasp of Math ensured a lot of the book went over my head, despite it being clearly written for idiots.

Also nearly finished ‘The Home And The World’ by Tagore - utterly brilliant book that is part love story, part political philosophy, set in Bengal in the early 20th century.


Fire and Fury is a page turner

Reads like a thriller.


I got a present of this. It looked dull so it languished on the shelf. A fellow told me one day it was a great read so I chanced it. It’s a great read.


It’s a brilliant book - reads like a thriller at times and hugely accessible.

In the run up to the abortion referendum - it’s a great read on why we ended up with the 8th ammendment in the first place


So you can judge a book by its cover


This thread reads like a thriller.


A fabulous read .


I had the hardback which has none of that blurb and had a dreary cover.


Has it got ramps going into it or what?


I was trying to suggest that even simpletons like you wouldn’t be intimidated by it


I would have thought that went without saying when you managed it.


Just finished this. A really super book. Buy it in a bookshop.


Synopsis please?


What it says on the cover. A year in the life of a lad who runs a second hand bookshop in South West Scotland. Very funny but also a great insight into retailing and the march of Amazon.




Topical given the demise of Ruiseal ‘s bookshop in cork


I’ll get it on Amazon later, cheers.