Good Books


Sold out in Limerick so I bought an Alistair Campbell novel about 1970s football and the IRA


Nearly finishwd The Son by Philipp Meyer. Very ambitious scope of a book, its a great read.


Just finished a book called A Very Courageous Decision - The inside story of Yes Minister.
Excellent book by Graham McCann, thoroughly reaearched, beautifully written. Concentrates on the writers, Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn and towards the end of the book moreso on the cast, in particular Paul Eddington, one of my favourite actors.
Highly recommend it for anyone who enjoyed this televisual masterpiece
Cc @Julio_Geordio (seem to remember you talking about it)


Cheers Fitzy I’ll keep an eye out for it. I haven’t bought a book in yonks actually, I must head to the book shop.


Anyone reading/read Tony 10 ?


Anything to Ben 10?


Looks worth a read but have not read yet


Jordan B. Peterson - 12 Rules for Life.

It’s probably the most important book of the 21st century.


:man_facepalming: you gomie cunt :rofl:


Text book behaviour - you’re exactly the type of modern man Jordan deconstructs.


And you’re exactly the type of gullible cunt he makes money off.


Most of his stuff is available for free. His podcasts make Blind Boy look like an elementary school kid. His mind is so powerful it is unreal.

He is the most important thinker since John Connors.


I am reading a book called Two Sisters by a lady called Asne Seierstad, who wrote the Bookseller of Kabul. It’s the true story of a Somali family in Norway. One morning two sisters age 19 and 16 head off as normal. Next thing the family hears from them is an email from the Turkish Syrian border saying that they are about to cross the border to help the Jihad. Three days later the father crosses the border to look for them.

So far it is utterly compelling. I will update further when I finish it.


Ok so I have no doubt that this is the best book I will read this year and the most interesting book I have read in years. Anyone genuinely interested in the radicalisation of Muslim youth must read this. Also brilliant on the rise and fall and rise and fall of ISIS, the nuts and bolts of life in Syria, the sheer cynicism of faction politics, the brutality of ISIS, the connection between former regime elements in Iraq and ISIS. I could go on.


Youngsters are loving this at present, myself too tbh. A lovely book.


Does the author have any thoughts on how best to deal with any of these issues?


No. It’s not that kind of book.


You should try the Berenstein bears books, also under the Dr Seuss banner, you’ll pick them up from your library, superb.


Here can you take this shite to the Great Daddies thread.


“The Places You’ll Go” is a book worthy of being given to a young adult. If a few of the snowflakes in the current generation gave it a read it might sort their fucking heads out, and help them realise that life isn’t all about cheery instagram selfies and fuckacting That there’ll be downs in life, but they end and you make your own fucking way in life when you have to and take the good with the bad accordingly.