Good Documentary about the GAA on RTE @21.50 tonight

some legends of the GAA get to tell their story

But not the whole story…


yes- legends of the GAA - RTE - 9.50

“legends of the GAA” dont make me laugh

Fuckin animals

[quote name=‘HoldingtheBatsman’sWilley’]“legends of the GAA” dont make me laugh

Fuckin animals[/quote]

some of the greats of the GAA on this documentary

Ha, me bollix.

Paddy O’Whack-the-ball and Johnny Stick-in-hand? No thanks.

Hi-larious NCC. Fresh as ever:clap::clap:

Are you really a fuckin muslim?

Don’t you have imaginary sexual encounters to go to?

You’re some tool. You really are.


just giving gga fans some info

I can’t believe I switched over from a riveting programme on The Reardons to watch this sick shit.

The Riordans were alright sorts

Wesley Burroughs knows the score:pint:

A stone wall, a few blind folds and a two-man Spandau machine gun crew would sort out alot of this stuff.

has john o mahoney featured yet?


I think it’s funny NCC going on about all this make believe pedophilia shit when you consider the case that will be coming before the courts in the next month or so. He’ll be keeping quiet about it then I bet.

Ball hop alert. Not even remotely clever attempt. At least when I put up an exclusive on here in relation to the GGA it turns out to be true