Good Fillums

A total gem and one of the last true comedies


Dirty Mike and the boys

Dont go chasing Waterfalls

Gators bitches better be using jimmies

Chocful of classics. Like Old School that way.

Watched The Shawshank Redemption with the kids last night. Hoppy said he hadn’t seen it but knew the twist at the end. They both thought it was mighty. Hoppy then said that he didn’t know the twist at the end, he’d got it mixed up with another film (shutter Island it transpires)
He must have spent the whole film thinking either Andy Dufresne or Morgan Freeman was hallucinating the whole thing :joy:


Up there with “Its a Wonderful LIfe” for misleading title of “feel good film”. The best part of 2 hours of absolute misery and suffering before the final happy ending.

Still, 2 of my all time top ten.

@The_Selfish_Giant did me up like a kipper one time with a post on here about the Martian. He had a comment about how the whole movie was just a hallucination as he ran out of oxygen. Spent the whole movie expecting it to build to this big plot twist which never materialised :smile:


Id a cunt of a pal tell me 'hes dead" and left it at that when i met him walking home from xtravision with The 6th Sense on video.


He also got to see some prominent TFKers in the movie… What a night for the young lad.

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I watched it again recently, first time since seeing it originally. It really holds up.

A friend of mine ruined it for another. He got him back by ruining The Usual Suspects.

Watched American Beauty there recently. Still good in ways but don’t think it has aged well.

Looks like Mulholland Drive is next up for Flatty.

Watching the Untouchables here.


What’ll you do then Mr Ness?

Think I’ll have a drink.

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Mr ness, I don’t approve of your methods

That’s the Chicago way

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Just started on Comedy Central

Running man starting just now on film 4+1 followed by predator



“Here’s your Subzero… now plain zero.”

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2 stone cold classics.“Get to the choppa”

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ill be back arnold schwarzenegger GIF

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Dillon you son of a bitch!