Good Fillums

Went to That they may face the Rising Sun this afternoon with all the other coffin dodgers. Great movie, loved it. It had everything, a Ford Granada, vintage tractors, baling hay, the Rosary, drink driving, fellas smoking in cars and pubs, a band playing lovely Leitrim, lovely Leitrim itself, high nellies. A wonderful film.


Boxtyeater was an extra in it apparently,did you see him?

Without doxxing him, was he in the band playing Lovely Leitrim

How did me man Wardy do in the lead role? Will tip along to it next week

Informative rating

He sports a lovely pair of flared wranglers throughout the picture.

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Went to see “Perfect Days” last weekend. Directed by Wim Wenders. It’s about a man who works as a toilet cleaner in Tokyo. Lovely film.


Sounds very twee.

In the wrong hands it could have been.

It’s really great.

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A film about death?

He was playing the fiddle


Ultimately yes. And also about life.

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I saw David Lynch’s The Straight Story recently for about the third time,

Absolutely brilliant.

I’ve read the book,

I think it’s been discussed on the Good Books thread.

Feck all happens but the writing is just majestic.