Good Podcasts

You don’t know much about marketing and promotion do you

Fair point, the last two midweek podcasts have laid claim …

I listened to theJackie Tyrell one

You don’t hear other podcast presenters do it. I listen to a good few.
Not a big issue really.

The Colin Bell one is excellent.Gaa Social is one of the best ones out there tbf.

It’s good alright. Niblock is awkward but sincere. Mcconville is sound, shrewd and slightly menacing. They give lads who just played a bit of ball far too much respect though- the Anderson and mcguckin episodes were great, if you didn’t know either of the complete bollixes

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My thoughts exactly

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The Rest is History is doing the lead-up to WW1 currently. After covering Princip and Franz Ferdinand’s lives so far. Good stuff.


I noticed the Rest is History guys did a sponsored podcast half promoting the new season of House of Dragons.

Finn O’Dwyer has done the same but made no mention of it being sponsored (I’m only assuming it was). It was interesting he had Blindboy on as part of it but he always makes a big deal about not having any sponsors.

What is O’Dwyer putting out these days? Last I listened was a good series on the WOI but he crashed it for the last few episodes

That seems to be a running theme where he starts a series of podcasts but doesn’t really finish it out.