Graham Hunter - Football "Journalist"

What do people think of him?

After the Chelsea v Portsmouth game last week he was on Newstalk the next morning saying how the Chelsea players led by Lampard revolted against Carlo Ancelotti tactics and decided to play to their own gameplan.

He somehow seems to have the “inside track” on everything in football but I wonder sometimes how credible he really is?

He’s a pure spoofer.

He’s got quite good at it but after even listening to him a few times you realise that there’s no way that he’s party to the conversations that he claims full knowledge of.

Suits Newstalk down to the ground because most people know little enough about non-English leagues so he comes across as knowledgable but in reality he’s just a guy who carved out a niche for himself after getting bored in Scotland and he’s doing very well for himself.

I can’t listen to him though. I can’t stand the way he’s so sure of everything.

He never prefaces anything by suggesting it’s rumour or opinion - every nugget of information he has is a cold hard fact.

I like him, he went to town on interesting Ken one night when he had an “appeal to the lowest common denominator” rant against Paul Robinson after the bobble in Croatia.

Ken thought he had some profound pschyological reason for Robinsons error when in fact it was a bobble. Put Earley right in his place. :smiley:

What is interesting is when you google him and it is quite hard to find much information about him, his background etc. Not the case when you google someone like Sid Lowe.


And how the fuck hasn’t he got some sort of colour when he has worked in spain for so long?


For the reasons that Rocko has outlined above.

That clown was on Newstalk earlier professing to be an expert on Bayern.

Talking about Klose as the big name in the team - all his research was ruined by the selection.

He singled out Pranjic and Olic as the danger two.

Great spoofing from Hunter. He is pretty good at it.

Quote from Hunter on the Ribéry scandal:

How will he react?

“Oh I wouldn’t like to say. I don’t really know him that well personally. I’ve spoken to him a few times and he’s a sparky character.”

The implication was that he doesn’t know him as a friend but that they’d know eachother to see.

Anyone hear this clown on Newstalk this morning?

Newstalk were at fault to begin with as they introduced him as saying he was with the Spain squad in South Africa. Anyway he goes on to about “I was speaking to Fernando Torres last night and he told me…” like he was a journalist Torres had chosen to confide in, spoofer of the highest order.

While I’m at it, Gabriel Marcotti, another spoofer. I downloaded the Twitter app last week and it’s decent enough for hearing what’s going on. Tweet from Marcotti last week: “There are 23 players in the French squad. I know some of them personally. It’s fine to slam some of them but not crucify every last one”. Twat.

This guy is good though. Guillem Balague

He’s been on Pat Kenny throughout the World Cup.

“I’ve dealt with him a few times. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him.”

Graham Hunter on Paul Stretford football agent.

Why the fuck would a freelance journalist need to trust (or feel betrayed by) a football agent?

Yeah listening here…

Hunter is a bullshitter. Always claiming to know more than he actually does. He has been caught blind sided plenty of times.

Really undermines the show I think to have a bluffer like that on. I know he was able to get away with it a bit when he was just the Spanish based lad and he could recycle pieces from the Spanish papers but he started to get very fucking annoying when he was passing off all these things as being based on conversations he was having with the Board of Real Madrid etc.

Sid Lowe doesn’t do any of that shite - no pretence about being “in” with all these famous footballers, just a bit of analysis and cultural insight into the game there.

And Hunter has gone ridiculous now by pretending to be mates with everyone at every club in every league in Europe.

Yeah, a clown. Within the circle of soccer media he must be a ridiculed figure at this stage. Feed him a few half stories and wait to hear how he relays it the air waves…

Anyone hear Sid Lowe on last night promoting his book about the Spanish civil war?

He is much better than Hunter will ever be.

Cunt of the highest order. Sample quote tonight.

“I rang Ramon Calderon, the former president of Real Madrid earlier. He rang me back direct and said if he was still president he would definitely sign Rooney for Real. He said Rooney had all the skills of Ronaldo mixed with that great fighting spirit of Beckham”

Fuck off you bullshitter. The worst thing is the Off the Ball guys entertaining him and giving him a platform for this shite.

Delighted someone else noticed it. Sounds like he was on this morning and predicted the whole thing was a storm in teacup and would just blow over. Probably intimated he had the inside scoop on it. Then Fergie comes out and completely blows him out of the water and he’s on tonight blowing and blustering to try and cover up for it.

It’s not just Newstalk have him on in fairness often see him on SSN and even that Revista de la Liga thing on Sky sports. He’s the Bill Cullen of sport journalism

I would have thought Ken Early would have pulled him up on some of his claptrap at this stage.

If Yates ever gets right run on him on the breakfast show he’ll cut right through the blubber mouth cnut.

Does he actually write any articles? Don’t think I’ve ever seen him printed anywhere.

Amazing how some lads can make a career out of being a pure spoofer.