Great Headed Goals

One of my favourite things in football is an emphatic thumping header ending up in the back of the net, here are three of my favourites:

Tommy Hutchinson. Cup final 1981.

Ruddock header vs united 1993

11 mins

Terry McDermott v Spurs circa 1981

Gavin Johnson got a peach for Ipswich in an FA Cup tie at Anfield in 1992 - at 1:40

Keith Houchen’s diving header in the 1987 FA Cup final was the one I immediately thought of when I saw the thread.

Can’t leave out Letchkov’s against Germany in 1994:

Martin Palermo’s must be a contender for the longest headed goal ever:

van Hooijdonk in the 3-3 draw at Ibrox in 1995 - at 9:20:

3rd goal is one of my fav headded goals of all time:)

Great thread @Rudi - that Sutton one would be my favourite.

This one from Larsson against Dundee United was terrific:

Craig Faulconbridge’s goal to deny Celtic the title at Dunfermline in the penultimate game in '98:

I think this may have got Goal of the Season in 84/85 - Andy Gray for Everton v Sunderland:

McSwegan for the hun v Marseille:

Crespo actually has some back catalogue of headers.

When Alan McInally was with Munich, Uli Hoeness used to approach him before matches and offer him a few hundred deutschmarks if he’d score with a header. He just loved headed goals. I like that story.

Great one from John Barnes here at 3:40. It became almost a standing joke that any time Barnes would score a header BBC would refer to it as “a rare headed goal from John Barnes”. He actually scored a good few.

Borgetti V Italy

For sheer power and his mesmerizing dreads whipping through the air like a cat o’ nine tails…

Aldridge v Mexico in 94

Houghton 88

Luis Garcia V Anderlecht