Great movie scenes

Had this on the movie thread but it’s more at home here. Two great movies by the way Rocko. You could pick a wide selection from both.

Two of the greatest scenes in cinema history from the move that redefined the western.

If there is an absolute opposite of the chick flick or the Hugh Grant movie, then this is it.

“You brought two too many”

The final showdown - Bronson vs Fonda

You could put every minute of this up here

Twelve Angry Men

One really annoying thing about Once Upon A Time in The West was the fcuking harmonica every time Bronson appeared. Other than that it’s a superb film.

Completely disagree with that,thought that was brilliant myself!

Mike Yanagita

‘We’re not a bank Jerry’.

‘I’m going crazy out there at the lake’

Great call there CLD.

What a film that is.

Wondered how long it would take someone to do GGR…

How do you get the youtube player to appear? When I copy and paste the link just appears only?

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Cheers MBB,
Clint at his best…

This was surprisingly hard to find online. From a great great movie and probably my favourite actor of all time, George C Scott. If you haven’t seen this you a mong.

the convoy scene from das boot, (IMHO the final scene is better but don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t seen it)

aftermath of the air france job from goodfellas

Elias gets killed

and jack at his finest

A few of my favourites;

[color="#FFFFFF"]Wait for the film snobs to rush in.