Great things about Covid 19

  1. Paddy Power might go bankrupt.
  2. The earth is saved. Industry is destroyed.
  3. Liverpool wont win the PL.
  4. Michael O’Leary put in his box.
  5. I don’t have to go to work.

I think this thread was really all about no.5

The rest is scutter.

No 3 is good too


Price of diesel

Whatever gets you through the night pal.

We could get a straight knock out hurling championship.

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Tipperary don’t have to worry about the two in a row failure.


People becoming less obsessed about material items.

Community spirit kicking into gear to help the elderly and vulnerable.


I reckon I may as well drive on the red for a while

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Technically we might get a two-in-a-row by winning in 2021, which will allow us our costumary year of making shite of it

The Brits are killing themselves. Mighty.

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Recreational drug trade and consumption should grind to a halt.

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Valid reason to avoid the in-laws.


Has there ever been a funnier event in human history than Liverpool not winning the title this season?


They were never going to win it regardless

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City were coming into form, might have caught them. Liverpool’s form had collapsed, they were very lucky against Bournemouth. Ah well, I guess we’ll never know.

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Somehow they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Pitiful really

The depths of some lads’ utter obsesssion with Liverpool FC being laid bare. They’re cheering on their own death in a pandemic in the hope they won’t live to see Liverpool winning the league. :grin:

The obsession is worse than we could ever have guessed.

With Adrian in nets anything was possible. Liverpool were crumbling after those defeats to Watford, Chelsea and Atleti in recent weeks.

You can’t award a team a title because they are ahead at a certain time. Otherwise you’ll have to relegate sides in the drop zone, promote Leeds and West Brom etc.

Declaring the season null and void is the only logical thing to do. The health of the globe is more important than football.

If Liverpool do get awarded the league then I’ll be the first to congratulate them on winning title number 18.25

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I love Klopp and I hate City, in another world Liverpool would have made great champions but that’s not how it turned out. Instead what happened was the funniest thing in human history.

Maybe if liverpool’s form hadn’t collapsed at death they would have the Premier League won by now but they bottled it.