Greatest comebacks of all time

Lads was playing FIFA 10 online there with the Republic against some guy who was England,3-0 down at HT with only one shot at goal!,so I make my 3 subs and through either sheer luck or amazing effort ended up winning 4-3.There is no better buzz than a victory like this,please share your most memorable ones.

Offaly 94 :blink:

Actually I should have been clearer,any comeback except THAT one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go on to the Astro forum and read the amazing story of how we went from being mid-table also rans to going on a 14 game winning streak to take the title. You will not find a more important comeback.


Angola v Mali from this years ACN. Angola 4-0 up with 15 minutes to go, game finished 4-4.

maybe WYT could give you a few fifa tips BT :lol:
though arshavin needs them more

:rolleyes: [quote=“artfoley, post: 439226”]
maybe WYT could give you a few fifa tips BT :lol:
though arshavin needs them more



Please keep all stone throwing off this thread,it maybe hard for some but lets try. <_<

throw up another rolleyes junkie, and me, kev and paul galvin will drop round to your gaff and beat you so savagely that your eyes will actually be rolling in your head

capito junlie brain?

my favourite comeback was when Kev DESTROYED ncc on the “paul galvin” thread.


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[/quote] :clap:


byzantium to Constantinople then persians & finally the turks came back :pint:

thats why i live in a gated community- to stop riff raff getting in

i suppose it has to be bloody sunday

brits took a beating in the morning before taking glorious revenge at the croker :smiley:

jebus, replying to your own posts

the internet equivalent of begging for spare change for a hostel

and the gated community is st ite’s, the gates are there to keep deluded loolahs like yourself in

I don’t seem to remember anything of this…