Greatest Ever Irish Person

I see RTE have announced their ‘autumn schedule’ and one of the shows is a vote on the Greatest Ever Irish Person. Remember the voting for this being on earlier in the year and I can’t remember who I voted for. Think it was either Collins or Connolly.
The final five is Mary Robinson, Michael Collins, Bono, James Connolly and John Hume.

Will be interesting to hear people taking them apart. Can’t imagine people having too much negative to say about Hume or Robinson but can’t see them winning it. Obviously Bono’s inclusion will cause most gnashing of teeth but I suppose he is an incredible successful artist, whatever you think of his art. Collins and Connolly will bring out the usual wailing from Myers and the Sunday Indo etc.
Not a great list really to be fair compared to the British one. Although Churchill won that and he was quite a cunt.

Anyone want to set up a poll?
Be better if people just debated these five for the sake of argument rather than bringing in others or saying they’re all cunts. Who is the greatest out of these five in your opinion?

If its Michael Collins the Limerick TD then he has my vote

He’s another one of Limericks long list of cunts.

I’d go for Collins, just that little bit more calculated than the warrior that was James Connolly.

Funny enough, my mother is a Connolly, and related to Collins.

Thinly veiled, yet typically self confident ‘I’m a blood relation of the man I think is Ireland Greatest Liviing Irish person’ post there from kev.

I think not.

I’m not blood related.

If it’s the ref from Cork then he doesn’t get mine.

Bit of a joke that the furthest back it goes is Connolly. Wouldn’t mind Hume, Collins, or Connolly winning it. Would be funny if a campaign won it for Bono although I suspect he wouldn’t believe it was a joke.

They told me how Connolly was shot in a chair

Wasn’t James Connolly Scottish?

I’d give him the nod over Collins for his selflessness. The other 3 are nobodies really.

Who would you have from further back?
Wolfe Tone?
If his ghost jumped on your back what would you do?

If it’s the 3rd astronaut from the first successful moon mission then he doesn’t get mine.

Parnell, Daniel O Connell, Patrick Sarsfield to name just a few. All did more for Ireland than than fuckwit Bono

There was some scandal about a load of lads giving him hypothetical hand jobs so he didn’t make the cut

How many of those nobodies have South Park done an episode about?

The debate on will decide this anyway. We’re only wasting our time over here.

Probably better to have a mix rather than all political/revolutionaries. I think it was a public vote anyway which is probably as fair as it gets.
The main time for complaints was when they announced the longlist. They were few ridiculous inclusions/exclusions then.

Can someone do up a poll for these five?

I thought Gately made the shortlist?

hardly disqualified for choking on a cock was he?

Doubt either Parker or Stone would have heard of any of them, I’m sure they would have done something interesting with O Connell and Parnell. How unflattering was the Bono episode, must look it up

Hello hello, yeah yeah yeah.