Greatest live performances

I saw bohemian rhapsody last night, it is having a savage effect on me, a seminal moment in my life

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Freddie was a showman. Perhaps the greatest front man ever. I always enjoyed the ridiculousness of this video

he was a natural, he just had it

I’d say he could have ordered every single person in wembley to start hitting each other and they would have done it that day such was the power he had over them

I was driving one day a decade or more back on his anniversary and they played this on the radio. I could barely drive through the tears so I pullled myself off

The road and listened to it


That and the Aids.


Did he ever perform in a Superbowl

Imagine how good he could have been if he hadn’t caught the gay?

Having trouble sleeping. Stumbled across this on an old YouTube playlist of mine, I’m absolutely buzzing here and probably won’t sleep at all tonight now.

No band - just one man, his guitar and his adoring fans. Unreal.



I heard this tune earlier as a ringtone. Stuck in my head now.


Hauntingly brilliant tune

Was it a sort of homecoming?

Home to scrote

Miggeldy was in attendance

The singing accountants
One of the all time great singer songwriters.

He was a big favourite of my mothers when I was growing up, I could sing along to most of his hits, Rocky Mountain high and Perhaps love would be my pick