Guerilla Days in Ireland - The Tom Barry Story

Going to see this next week in Kilkenny.

Have always had an interest in Tom Barry, has anyone being to see it? Any reviews etc?

By numerous accounts this should be entitled. Guerilla Days in Ireland - Tom Barry telling stories

A side aspect of this thread Julio, there are 2 very different opinions in relation to Tom Barry and his expoilts in West Cork.

Be interesting to hear peoples opinions on what side they agree with.

have you seen the play Julio?

No I’ve read the book though as a young fella, which was very good. I wouldn’t mind reading it again actually, I was probably a bit naive at the time of originally reading.

I have read his own book and Meda Ryan’s book numerous times and they are great reads in fairness.

Well worth purchasing Julio.

The Runt gave me a book about Sean Hogan which is without doubt the most interesting thing I have read on the period.

Going to head myself CH.

I think the tale of false surrender has been widely discredited.Peter Hart a canadian historian who specialised in Irish history said he interviewed “anonymous” sources who were part of the column that day but the majority were deceased and the 1 or 2 that were left when he was conducting these “interviews” would not have been able to talk.

So that blows that myth out of the water.

Eoghan Harris and Kevin Myers like to perpetuate the lie though hence why you have some quarters saying he effectively executed the battalion.
His feats in Crossbarry when a couple of thousand tans and ancillaries were sent down to lift the columns and impose marshall law in Cork were even more extraordinary.

Apparently general Mao,che Geuvara and a few others have studied his work.He is in exalted company.


Good stuff, haven’t read it. Have you a Title & Author for this by any chance. Can’t get enough of books from that period.

Have you read Dan Breens book? A great read with serious detail into many attacks carried out throughout Tipperary & Limerick on Police barracks. His respect for Sean Treacy is also a huge plus in the read imo.

He’s a header !

How can anyone go and watch this shit is beyond me. Barry was a murdering bastard who should be held up as the war criminal he is, not celebrated. Shame on you harry.

I think Dan may have gilded the lily somewhat in recounting some of his exploits.

Ya I’ve read Breens aswell, very good.

Runt what is the name of that book?

So interesting you didn’t realise it was about Sean Tracey?

It’s called Sean Tracey and the Third Tipperary Brigade.

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Any other good books about periods, Julio?

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So interesting you didn’t realise it was about Sean Tracey?

It’s called Sean Tracey and the Third Tipperary Brigade.[/quote]

Dan Breen - my fight for Irish freedom. I reviewed that as my leaving cert history special topic. In hindsight Dan’s boasts about killing 12 or 13 men, shooting his way out of a house in Dublin and escaping through the Tolka dripping in blood may have been a bit far fetched.

Or that he stopped a lorry full of tans to ask for help repairing a puncture on his bicycle?


I was thinking the same. Lads mad into the periods here.

Meh Hogan/Treacy you knew what I meant.

Are lads here really trying to tell me the Breen didn’t jump out a window down through the roof of a glass house, and then pull himself over a wall and down to the hospital. I’m very disappointed