Happy birthday


according to another website it is a member of this forums 26th birtday today.....happy birthday...you know who you are......


Who would this be now?


Come on now,fess up.


yerrah i am only passing on information that i saw on locke's golf website.....


Golf website?!

Do we get cake? I like cake.


Nice touch Puke.

Said member shares his birthday with

Darren Gough (whom he likes)
John Aldridge (whom he likes)
Lance Armstrong (whom he hates)


well since i am IOTM i see myself as a bit of an ambassador and figurehead on this forum and i needed to take a more proactive approach in these meaningless matters and i thought it would be a nice touch.....


No prick wished me 'happy birthday' last week even though there's a note of birthdays on the forum front page on the day in question. There, mention of my birthday stood - isolated and alone - while fooks like Puke were off searching other sites to offer others birthday congratulations. Dicks.


never saw it bandage and i take a look for these things everyday.....very time consuming and all as it is.....

the only one i saw last week was for "array" or something like that.....

happy belated birthday bandage.....found a picture of you from last week bandage...



Think I saw that, but thought it might be a bit gay to point it out.

I may have been right.


You would have been very right. I laugh with disdain at gimps who get giddy about their birthday once they've advanced past about 4th class in primary school.


My birthday was last Sunday.

Again thanks for no best wishes. Birthdays are overrated.


So why so eager to tell us when it was?


Would hardly call that eager now.....


Nobody asked yet you told us. Sounds like you wanted us to know.


i was on another forum just there and i see its the birthday of a wexican contributor over here....at least it the same username anyway.....

if it is your birthday well then best wishes and have a god one.....


indeed, happy bday H12


just to clarify, puke sent me a pm to see if it was my birthday, for some reason I put down 22/9 as my birthday on premierview when I signed up last year or whenever. dont know why I did that as my birthday aint even close to any of those numbers, but well spotted anyway puke and thanks for thinking of me!http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif


according to tony fenton it is John Delaney's birthday today.....

From everybody at TFK i would like to wish john a happy birthday and continued success in his role as ceo of the FAI......

i would also like to wish a happy birthday to Angela Lansbury(the bowld jessica fletcher) who is celebrating her birthday today....pretty sure both of them post on here (hangblaa and maire?)


I've always found a lad wishing another lad a happy birthday the height of gayness.