Happy birthday


Meetings all afternoon and then straight to a dinner with the phone off and am just back in the real world now. I thank you for your birthday wishes. Text from you too from an old number or is that Mrs Juhy’s number?



:pint: :ireland:

Dicey’s tonight if any of my TFK buddies are around :pint: :pint: :pint:


Happy Birthday Thrawneen.


Happy Birthday, The Thraw. :clap:


2 Happy birthdays, not bad. Thanks fellas. I’m off today and tomorrow now. :pint:


Happy Birthday Thrawneen.


  1. Diceys is a kip
  2. Taking days off for your birthday is gay


Dicey’s is shite alright. We just wanted to go somewhere busy and late though, not much option. I took the days off because I’ve worked the equivalent of 2 extra days in the last 8 working days. They work me to the bone in the place, so they do, and you get no thanks for it.


No thanks but two days off? I’d take that.


One is a holiday and the other is a flexi day. I was in work till 7 getting shit done so I could be off. Hardly worth the bleeding hassle, I was knackered last night. Working is a cod, so it is.


“Son, I’m proud of you! I was twice your age when I figured that out.”






KIB Man has just pm’ed me to tell me that Fisty is the Big 40 today


Happy 40th Fitzy pal.


Thanks chaps


Wishing the Brisbane Lion a very happy birthday

:pint: :clap: :pint:


I’m privileged to share the same birthday as the Brisbane Lion and Chris Sutton. :clap:


Happy Birthday Totti :clap:


Sharon Stone and Mr Blatter too.

Happy birthday all of you.


36 not out for Croppy.

Happy Birthday mate :clap: :pint: :clap: