Happy birthday


What does tripeing somone invlove? Doesn’t sound pleasant…


I also hit a fella in the ribs with a closed fist after he went across me.
I am going to make an army out of them young fellas if it’s the last thing I do.


happy birthday mate


Cheers mate.


Happy Birthday Runt, pints in the Mecca in september surely.




Well Runty, how did the birthday go. Did you get a cake?


I hope Fist_Of_Fury brought a shitload of buns and cakes to work today :popcorn:


I hope he enjoyed Escapade playing his local for his birthday at the weekend also.


3 days early but thanks for the wishes mate. I’m sure my colleagues are anticipating a large variety of cream cakes from my local bakery. i won’t be indulging them.


Where was this rint?




Happy birthday rocko


Rocko really is old. according to Bandage anyway.


Never asked him outright but I’d say early 40s


Rocko can go fuck himself. Blanked my calls today. May he fall asleep at the keyboard and be electrocuted by the conductivity of his own saliva.


Happy birthday to the Dario Hubner of the Lucozade Sport AstroTurf League.


I can explain this. He has his phone turned off because he wants to watch the Celtic match ‘as live’ when he gets home from his birthday dinner with his wife. :lol:


Ah brilliant :smiley:


I doubt it Bando. I was ringinging him earlier on. Unless he knew I’d accurately predict the outcome of the Celtic game, he’s a cock.