Happy birthday


Happy birthday TSG you scallywag.


On the road to Malahide now. Looking forward to spending the evening in Bayan corner.


Are you picking me up, bud?


I’m getting the DART out, you on for that?


Sounds good, pal. I’ll pick up a few tinnies for the journey. Presume @artfoley picked up some wink wink?


Why bring an apple to orchard?


Happy birthday to TSG…The invitation must have gotten mislaid somewhere…


HAppy birthday @selfishgianr


Bayan Corner is a great spot. @The_All_Seeing_Eye is slimmer than I was told. Awful unsocial group though. If @thedancingbaby wasn’t there you’d worry for them.


Great night @The_Selfish_Giant . Apologies for not making it back to your abode.

What was the highlight for you - restaurant/ Garda Station or boozer ?




defo not the garda station but good to see youthful high jinx is still alive within the group


@Croppy is seething that @The_Selfish_Giant named names as soon as he was asked any questions. He’s in Malahide now trying to plead his case with the Gardaí.


Happy 50th birthday to Denis Irwin.


50 fucking hell, that is mad.



Not long to go now mate


It was @Joe_Player’s birthday last week, lads.


Belated happy birthday, Joe.


cheers lads


Happy Birthday Jesus.