Happy birthday


Happy birthday, David Bowie. 69 today.


Interesting, today also would have been Elvis’ birthday. Never realised before that they shared birthdays.


Happy 53rd birthday to Jose Mourinho.

Also, happy 43rd birthday to Brendan Rodgers.


Happy Birthday @Kid_Chocolate




I think Kid Chocolate was on the same plane as me going to Cheltenham


Happy Birthday @The_Selfish_Giant

Have a great day mate


The day that unites the forum.


Or divides it…


Fucking outstanding @The_Selfish_Giant . I’ll meet you down the village later for a Frap mate.


Congratulations tsg. Let’s hit Jaipur for a curry


Don’t get locked up tonight mate and fuck Jaipur…Spending your 40th in the Malahide Garda station last year was no way to celebrate your birthday.


Are ye going to Malahide for today’s GAA @Funtime and @Ebeneezer_Goode ??

Maybe have a wager on it amongst yourselves

What could possibly go wrong ?


Thanks guys .what a great treat to see this thread


Enjoy your big day epal.


I wished you HB last week & you ignored me. I’d rather be a week early than on time or worse still, late.

May your nostrils turn white from powder at the celebration tonight. :nose:


Have a good one, chief.


Happy birthday @Joe_Player


Happy birthday @Joe_Player


HB @Joe_Player :gift::birthday: