Happy birthday


No higher compliment. Thanks.


Happy birthday me oul segotia (literally). I hope a very old, very good and very expensive bottle of something is being opened today.


@labane1917 has sent me over a bottle of his Kool-Aid


He should probably have kept it for himself.


Congrats me ould mucker.

Does that make you the only Limerick poster here to have seen a Limerick all Ireland win?


I’m one of the few I suppose.


Nice one buddy. Doing anything special?


Not really. Go for a few drinks tomorrow night. Take the family for a meal on Sunday. Feel sorry for myself. Will do something different for the summer holidays this year to mark this milestone and my 20th wedding anniversary (sigh).


Nice. My Mrs is pushing for a cruise for my 50th (few years to go yet) but she can go shite for herself.


Number one the week I was born. How very appropriate.


Happy birthday mate, have a good one. You also share a birthday with the one and only Vinnie Jones.


Aye, we are very alike in many ways.


Happy Birthday aul pal.


There’s always the chance she might fall overboard pal.


Hhhmmmm. :thinking:


Happy Birthday, 50 not our, fair play. Enjoy it.

Also honoured to give your post its 10th like


Happy Birthday, hope it’s a great year for both yourself and Limerick.


The only way is up!


Well done @balbec happy birthday old bean.


How is your pension?