Happy birthday


I’m only two years behind you. Keep her lit


Hope your come out the wrong end of a high school mass shooting.


You should really stop beating your wife mate, it seems to be causing you unhealthy levels of stress.


Hail to the chief lads. Happy birthday @Rocko. On behalf of all of us I promise we’ll all try really hard not to get any legal letters sent to you today.


HB BM. :+1:


Thanks Juhy. 4 flagged posts to deal with already this morning but hopefully people will play nice for the rest of the day.


The Irish tricolour , 170 today.


First put together in 33 the Mall Waterford.


Are you calling @Robert_Emmet a liar?








@RayDonovan only recently changed his avatar from TFM and all.


Happy Birthday @The_brisbane_lion


The 50 mark is on the horizon lads. 48 today. Where the hell does the time go


Happy birthday Mike. Limerick hurlers delivered your present a few days early pal


Happy birthday a chara


Enjoy the next two years.


Happy birthday @iron_mike, one of the good guys :+1:


he reminds me a lot of horsebox