Happy birthday


Bandage has taken the day off for his birthday, the tubby little queer.

Farmer is trying to draw attention to the fact that it is his birthday tomorrow, the creep.

ClarkeyCat is cranky.


Taking the day off because it’s your birthday is the gayest thing I’ve heard in a while.

It’s hardly an achievement to reach whatever age you are Bandage.

A little respect lost I have to say.


I presume it must be tough enough for the big man to be single on his birthday dancingbaby, go easy on him, he’s had a tough time of it lately with that bird crushing his overworked heart.


He probably posted a card to himself on Friday


Thanks for the best wishes, everyone. Just to clarify, I’m off for the entire week. And I’m off next week also. 29 is a real milestone birthday and I feel 2 weeks is ample time to celebrate it.


John Lennon would have been 70 today.


I don’t believe he ever posted here


Wrong thread so…


Julio Geordio

30 today



It was my birthday on Wednesday, ye shower of cunts! (sniff)



Still closer to 20 than 30 if only just.


Happy birthday Julio. :clap:


Cheers Dunph, you’ve made my day.


Happy birthday julio, mate!


No problem, mate.

Birthdays are awful affairs though. I avoid any knowledge of my own and don’t let anyone know when it is and when people (family etc) know when it is they are to mention nothing of it. I have one every year.


Cheers Tintin


I’ve about 20 messages from mongoloids on facebook wishing me happy birthday. I haven’t talked to half of em in years and the other half I’d cross the road to avoid :rolleyes:


I think I might change my date of birth on facebook every 3 months and see if the same mongs wish me a happy birthday every time.


The fucking mong was on my page anyway. One of these days I’m going to comment on one of his inane posts saying I’d love to stab you in the heart… lol.


Remove your birthday from facebook. Cunts who wouldnt have remembered it only for FB, melts my brain also, you feel like you should reply or something. Fuck that.