Happy birthday


Belated birthday wishes to you ould shtock


I am led to believe that Fran is celebrating a landmark birthday this weekend.

Cheers for the invite mate, but I'm unable to 'make it down the country for Hugh Heinz' this weekend.


It won't be the same without you Farmer.

Enjoy the weekend whatever you get up to mate. :pint::guns:


Will you be heading to Wexford Park next weekend Fran?


With the help of God, Mac. Gman is organising the tickets for us.


You'll need more than Gods help


Will you be going along yourself, Mac?

Maybe this should double up as the TFK summer jamboree as most of the site most influential posters will surely be there


I'll be there alright Fran. Most likely on the lash in Wexford town afterwards. Most likely Pikeman will be there too and I'm sure we could drag McGeady along if required. Twould be a fitting way for Gman to celebrate being nearly a year married wink


Huge weekend in store for Fran. Delighted for him. What an achievement to still keep himself in great shape at such an advanced age.



Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web who turns 20 today.



According to Facebook The Runt is 29 today


happy birthday Runt :pint:




clap still a chap.


Thought you didn't have a facebook account? Happy birthday Runt, you are younger than i thought..


Happy birthday king kenny......


I could see the old age setting In on Runt in training last night as he triped,fouled and pulled the jersey of the young fella he was marking to try and get an edge.


IBM first introduced the IBM 5150 PC in New York City on August 12, 1981.

So PCs are 30 years old today.


Thought he is bad aul form last night alright. Time waits for no man, regardless of size and apparent nippiness.