Hardy Half Backs of yesteryear

  • Liam Doyle - Clare
  • Pete Finnerty - Galway
  • Liam Dunne - Wexford

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Following on from the discussion on Declan Fanning yesterday it got me thinking of some of the hardy fucks of wing backs who could both outhurl and also bully opposition.

Three lads really sprung to mind from the late 80s and 90s. All were hardy fuckers but also excellent stickmen who could up a storm and really set a tone for their teams. All three were pure half backs who excelled at reading play.

Doyle was probably Clare’s most consistent back in the late 90s and was a lad who you could hang your hat on to perform game in game out. Could play it whatever way was needed.

Dunne was Tommy Walsh before Tommy Walsh burst in the scene. A real swashbuckling hurler who played three or four inches taller than he was. The fact he stood out at centre back despite his lack of size was a testament to this.

Finnerty again was a real dominant lad who could hurl whatever way was needed. Tough as old boots and bags of hurling to go with it.

Who was your preference? Feel free to mention any other hardy half backs who could hurl from yesteryear as well

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Doyle was the hurler.

Finnerty had a bit of hurling with tonnes of brawn.

Dunne, loads of ability but used his hurl to level lads & their skill set.

Finnerty the pick of them for me. Doyle are really brilliant hurler underrated massively imo.

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Dunne wasn’t near Tommy Walsh…
Walsh used to use bigger opponent to spring off to catch the ball… Dunne used the bigger opponent to break a hurl off…

Bobby Ryan was hardy out, stickwork wasn’t the greatest but he could dominate and outhurl an opponent.

Doyle or Finnerty for me, with Doyle maybe shading it. Wouldn’t rate Dunne that highly.

Liam Dunne’s sidestep. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Liam Dunne breaking up lads. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Foley of limerick deserves a mention here… He was hard as nails and dominated games when limerick were rank…

Jaysus, do you even know what you’ve started here…

:joy::joy::joy:… I was expecting you to pile in for rigney to be included…


He could dominate and was very good when on his game but was a chap who was happy to hurl a world of ball while his man would clip over a few points.

The three lads above could be stoppers and defend when needed along with getting on heaps of ball.


His distribution was generally poor too. All well & good catching it but lorrying it in to no one in particular was a big negative against him.

He got a few nice scores etc but the initial three mentioned all superior hurlers without question.

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Not much in it but Dunne wins by a finger


You’re being very generous re distribution of the others…

Dunne was fantastic
Blackguarded by refs, sent off 3 years in a row I think

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Finnerty here.

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In fairness the only one which was a tad harsh was the one where him and O’Meara were sent off for caffling in the rain in 2001. The others he lowered the blade.

His laorcha Gael was hilarious. Him re-enacting his sendings off with Martin Storey filling in for John Troy and Martin Comerford


Yeah always felt 2001 was harsh

Miserable weather that day, would have thought ref would have given 2 yellows and told them to cop on

Did O’Meara miss the final ?

He did iirc

Do you think o meara and dunne would be sent off for it nowadays? Probably would.

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