Harty Cup 2012/2013

Starts next week. Early favourites??

I am expecting great things from debutants West Limerick Colleges after our generous donation to their cause.

Best of luck to West Limerick Colleges, hopefully this initiative will provide a much needed boost to hurling in the region in future years.

Looking at the squads named on the Limerick Leader, West Limerick seem to have a good few from Hazelwood College Dromcollogher that would be Milford, Newtownshandrum, Dromina etc. That should strengthen them. They also have David Condron who was on the Limerick minors this year and Stephen Casey who was on the Under 16s.

Castletroy will go well this year I think. Long overdue that West Limerick has a team. The more young lads playing the sport at a decent level the better.

Very interesting article in the Indo a few weeks ago. Some egg chaser from ASR (could have been a teacher or coach) was talking about the proposed new rules for eligibility for the Senior Cup rugby team.

(I think it’s being proposed that when a lad joins a new school he has to wait a year or two before he is eligible for SCT. Obviously this does not sit well with schools who import player into the school in say 5th year with the intention of them strengthening the rugby team straight away.)

Anyway the ASR fella was moaning that it was getting harder to get lads to commit to rugby because hurling is strong in the school at the moment and lads will think they’ve a better chance of Harty Cup success than the would of winning a Munster schools Cup.

It made my day, great news that the rugby crowd are rattled and the GAA is belatedly getting its act together in schools in the city and county, long may it continue.

The only thing is that it took a senior inter county hurler being involved to bring it to that level, it’s not like it’s part of some overall Limerick GAA master plan

Haven’t ASR been poaching players for the last few seasons to play Harty?

I think we might hold onto this fella. :clap:

I don’t think that proposed rule will ever be implemented by the way, certainly not in Leinster. The top schools who are renowned for paying lads / fee-waiving will always be protected no matter what.

Out of interest, how many lads would hurl Harty as well as play SCT rugby every year?

Midleton CBS will take all of your mickey mouse fucking schools. :guns:

Can you tell me who the Cork lads are on the panel SLR.

Well we have them all now when slr and dodgy-keeper have joined.

Asr would take one or two players a year. No-one plays harty and rugby, one or two may try for both squads. There is a big enough separation between the two. They have a strong dean Ryan this yr while the harty is building to next year.

Mac, INTERPOL might be interested in that IP address program that you have to deal with this situation…

Ah dodgy-keeper, long time no see, it’s been years. Welcome aboard.

Who are the West Limerick schools playing??

Hazel wood College Drom, SMI and rathkeale

[quote=“The Runt, post: 712774”]

Hazel wood College Drom, SMI and rathkeale[/quote]

Pretty sure that’s who they are not who they’re playing.

[quote=“Rintintin, post: 712775”]

Pretty sure that’s who they are not who they’re playing.[/quote]

Apologies I believe they are in a group with Tipp town and Charleville

How are you keeping son, it has been a few years alright.

I’m another AFR refugee!

Billy Donegan and Darragh Hannigan Milford
Eric O’Connor Newtownshandrum
Sean Fehin, Shane O’Callaghan Freemount
Diarmuid Buckley Dromina
James Kelly Liscarroll

Cheers. Diarmuid Buckley is involved with the Cork U-16s I believe.