Hate crime legislation

Is the forum for or against? There’s a strong campaign from the left here in Ireland to introduce it. Should a tweet as in the Rashford case be enough to land someone in jail for 6 weeks?

There was a post made here once about burning travellers in their trailers that was as bad as I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t short of a few likes either.
Some people are vile

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I’d say it’s the sort of thing where if you come down strongly on it it’ll stop very quickly.

and yet they dont apply that type of principle to violent crime or recidivists


Did you report it?

You’re right some people are vile. The question is what should done with someone who makes comment like that ? Would the threat of a custodial sentence help?

Very little evidence of that. In the US murder can carry the death penalty but people still murder.

I was more talking in Ireland. You’ll always get a few idiots.

Agreed. Sick. The idiots liking it would be the fellas quick to refer to people as Nazis. The same lads would have been top of the line joining in when Hitler started pointing the finger at the Jews.

Is telling someone to fuck off and die a hate crime?

If so @Rocko may pull down the blinds

Surely it would be though?

You would imagine so. Thats thecwhole crux of this proposed legislation. While I dont have an issue with it in theory,it will have to be controlled with a good bit of common sense.

I don’t think their could be a greater hate crime than telling someone to die

Any of your kids hit the teenage years yet?

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None that I acknowledge

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Walt until they do. You’ll be reporting them for a hate crime once a month for a while

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Errah that’s family. Tis like what’s said on here, you couldn’t be taking it seriously. Some lads sadly do.

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They dont need to be teenagers…

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McEntee saying today that hate crime legislation would be progressing soon and that crimes with a hate element would not be tolerated and should attract a more severe sentence. More good stuff from McEntee. Showing up @artfoley as a backward idiot again.