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Better to have braces for teeth than a chisel for a square head


Can someone correct me if im wrong, i was told that a big factor in the requirement for braces goes back to an undiagnosed tongue tie at birth. It casues issues with teeth alignment etc. They check it in the NHS over in the UK and correct it, an quick procedure but here the hse dont do it unless there is feeding issues or you go private. Seems ridiculous that the hse dont do this if its a known cause of dental issues which will have a much higher cost long term

I’m with Irish Life a while. Had no issues

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I think most kids go to orthodontist nowadays as there’s more of a focus on having “perfect” teeth.


The Swiftcare clinics are great too.

It was a colleague who was saying it, he said other stuff as well like struggling to eat meat and possible need for speech therapy. Cant understand why the hse dont do it when the NHS and many other health services do it in Europe

It seems to be that everybody gets them nowadays
My second girl appeared to us to have perfect teeth but they still managed to put her in braces for about 6 months

Perfect teeth is big business. In fairness to my dentist when i asked her about my bottom teeth, which i think are misaligned, she saud i dint need to do anything that they are better than 90% of people, she could have charged me a good chunk to fix. I still think they are slightly out

I have an extraction scheduled for the morning :unamused::neutral_face:

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An extraction from your wallet

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I don’t know for a fact but I’d say this is untrue having had eye witness experience of tongue tie shortly after birth.

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That’s what my colleague said. The cost is fairly high if after 6 weeks he said

Taking a straw poll of TFK the state of youngsters teeth in Ireland is shocking. Or else we’ve a lot of very convincing Orthodontists.