Help please IT/computer lads

Our desktop is a Dell computer which runs windows XP.
The kids say this is unconscionable. I rarely use it anyway.
Anyhow, I’ve been ordered to get an upgrade. Herself uses an iPhone new one whatever it is. Myself and the kids are on Android. We have laptops for work which I rarely use ,but use Windows something or other.
The kids have laptops for school but I don’t know what, I just bought what they recommended.
Herself, to cut a long story short, wants an apple desktop. It will be in the kitchen/living room on the counter so needs to be neat.
I have a printer attached to the computer upstairs, which has WiFi though I haven’t managed to quite get the hang of that yet, but I’d like to use it as I have a standing order with the ink cartridges.
If I was getting an apple, what do I need to get??
Thanks in advance.

Why does it need to be a desktop? Do you or any of the kids need serious grunt?

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Because she says so.
I couldn’t care less, but it’d be easier than having a laptop flapping about the place.
Ps she wants to put the photos from her iPhone on it or something.
PPS she’s doing things in this covid crisis which are the first world equivalent of the lads on the roof in Chernobyl, so she can have whatever she wants really.


You should be wble to use the same printer… You just sync with the mac… You’ll need to install the printer software on the iMac tho as well so hopefully you kept that… Or maybe it’s done when you pair the laptop to the printer…youll probably be promoted onto the printer maker website and install from there.

Sorry, read that wrong…its the desktop? Same thing really.

You’ll be paying extra for something you don’t need

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Nothing new there mate.

Use Bluetooth option on printer and pair with device. You’ll then probably have to download printer software from their website. Simple enough.

Have a look at a mac mini.

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Grand mate thanks.
Just need to know what desktop to buy there’s loads.

You’d buy a much better spec Windows PC for similar to Apple money but I’m sure you’ve already realised that.

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The mac mini should have all you need at the right price and its grand and tidy

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OK. No problem. Can you scan your badge to resolve the ticket

You’d be as well off getting a desktop and putting a flavour linux on it. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying Microsoft or Apple money for the rest of your life then

Ticket resolved now.

Have a great day.

What’s the budget? I’ll try find a equivalent Windows PC…

Dont get an apple desktop. Who gives a fuck about your phone / ipad

Don’t be getting poor flatty going back having an argument with his wife on something he clearly hasn’t a notion about. She’ll ate him without salt.

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Right from the off this is another classic of the “Flatty’s IT Issues” genre.

Is she a graphic designer or some class of video editor or is the need for a Mac purely so that it will sync seamlessly with her phone? You won’t have a clue how to use it if you get one btw.

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We’ll have weeks of fun on here.

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My wife wants to look at her photos and she has an IPhone