Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller

A thread for @Bandage and @glasagusban and others to regale us with titbits about their proposed travels to exotic destinations with nubile ladies.


3 lads looking to head somewhere in europe in august. Over the santa ponsa/ magaluf/ibiza phase but still want a good party and some site seeing.

If you can manage to avoid that horrible Avicii cunt, this might be to your liking

A truly wonderful city; gave me my first taste of continental minge in my late teenage years, and for that, I am forever in her* debt.

*Her - the city; not her - the minge.

Are they taking the nubile ladies with them or hoping to find them there?

Berlin, Munich, Lisbon, Budapest…lots of options. What are ye looking for?

Might this thread be in danger of confusing us with members of the travelling community?

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Looks excellent alright Buda would cover a lot of what we want with that festival but I’ve a ticket for electric picnic this year which puts me off a little.

Not too sure as I said we are getting a bit old for the classic lads holiday but still want a lively enough spot. Pretty much open to anything tbh. Anyone have any experience of Rome?

Berlin. Case closed.


Thinly veiled we’re all bumders and this is our coming out party. Enjoy, buddy.

I can assure you that is not the case.

Do you endorse Berlin @Horsebox

I do indeed, friend. Great pubs & clubs, most of the locals are pretty friendly and plenty to see. I think it’s more of a long weekend than a week away trip though. The likelihood is the weather will be pretty decent in the summer but it can be hit and miss. Maybe do Thursday to Monday in Berlin and then hop on a train to Munich or Prague or somewhere like that.


@Phil_Leotardo, following input from an Italian friend I am going to focus my efforts on Scopello as my destination of choice in Italy. I will be sure to update the thread as the situation develops.

Finally you are starting to talk some sense.

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Wouldn’t disagree with that, except you’d get a week out of it no bother. Serious history around the place although I understand if you are going with a group of lads this may not be the main attraction. Cheap as well, and the kebabs :heart_eyes:

I hate it when we fight.

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. Lets learn from it and move on

Heading there with work in November. I shall be tacking on a couple of personal days at the end. Can’t wait. A load of frothy steins, chow down on a shawarma then a couple of yips and into Watergate. Fuck I wish it was tomorrow.

You’ll eat a kebab but scoff at people who eat sausage meat??