Holidays in Ireland thread (Laois is for prisoners)

Ze Germans care not for you crispy paddy

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I was asked by a visitor from mainland Europe as to why so much of the small land available on the island was wasted with the big stoned walls around them. Any ideas ?

They cleared the stone from the land to make it farmable so they needed to do something with it and the walls provide both a boundary and some shelter from the wind for small animals


No gates?

Dog in a manger I suppose knowing those West of Ireland fuckers

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It’s good to look at but really does waste a lot of land , especially the really small fields

Suppose so… but all the field is actually reclaimed I suppose


FFS what would you sit on to drink your bottle of tae when you’re taking a break from picking spuds then?


:roll_eyes: exactly

Wasnt it to prevent wind erosion whipping all the topsoil they needed for farming/growing what bit they could?


Haven’t a clue pal , There’s about 3 different explanations to what it was for here alone :man_shrugging:

I often find people done things in the past for very good reasons and people nowadays are very dismissive of this.

It’s why the derby should be ran on a Wednesday.

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John Wayne had the answer in The Quiet Man.