jews, african slavery, why is there no discussion or commemorations or teaching in schools about the holocaust that happened in ireland?

There’s quite a few holocaust deniers on this forum.

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Spell the word correctly in the thread title for a start, or the only discussion will be over what a simpleton you are.

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a spelling error makes you a simpleton… calm down and stick the the subject

What’s this about now?

He’s on about the ‘Great Famine’. And if your teacher in school is worth his/her salt you will learn about the circumstances around it which mean it wasn’t exactly a Famine. Not sure Holocaust is correct term either though.

1841 consesus in ireland was 10.8m. with the % population growth it could have been 11.5m by 1846. say 1m emigrated, thats alot of missing people

That’s what I thought you meant but that is a huge topic in history in irish schools.
Every 11 year old in the country would give you a decent rundown on the famine. My ten year old is quite an expert on it because of a project she did last year.

Why did the famine happen according to her? Or yourself?

She’s 10 mate. She read it from books aimed at children. So I apologise for calling her an expert.
No offence meant to actual experts on 19th century irish history.

She’s also an expert on the 1916 rising.

Yeah, but what are the books teaching her is what I want to know, kid.

Causes of the famine here from a primary school textbook.

Long term effects

Fucking Protestants

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famine, the great famine, shit spuds.
i read somewhere population was 10+m

here its closer to 9m

I’ve heard a lot of theories but what actually did happen?

You’d have to go back as far as the plantations to explain it fully.

For example, 90% of Irish people don’t know that 400,000 Irish died in a Famine in 1740-41, nearly half a million fucking people and not a dickie about it.

Luckily for us we have a class 6th class teacher in our school who teaches the kids their history. They love it, and know it thoroughly and properly


Famines are political occurrences. If you want to find out why famine happens in any country, look at the power structure in place.


Yes but the numbers don’t stack up, how does a population go from 10.5m to 3m if 1m emigrated and 1m died?!

I honestly never heard that before!

Very little mention of the catholic barbarism either such as in 1798.

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