Home brewing beer

The microbes are angrily fizzing, snorting, farting and bubbling away here. I’d say this is going to be epic.


Chilis be Jaysus

Is it a curry or a beer?

Why its a tepache of course.

Have you’ve gone tepache mode, because you just can’t get enough?

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This any use for beer @Fagan_ODowd?
Could you put it in a greenhouse or would it have to go somewhere dark?
Think he used it for wine making.

You’d need to modify it a bit. You’d need beer bottles caps and a capper unless you plan on making 750ml bottles of beer. You’d need corks and a corker in any event if you do. You really only need two drums for beer but the belts and the thermometers would be handy. Depending on the time of year you could let it ferment in the shed but if it’s cold out you’d want to be doing it indoors, unless you were making a pilzen.

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General rule in our house is that nothing comes in bigger than a shoe box without special permission. We just don’t have the room. I’d be breaking my own rules. Thought it might work in the greenhouse. Bit of space there.

Might work with the beer belts. @glenshane could advise here as he is the expert on brewing in colder climates


It’s not going to work outside in the winter, belts etc will raise the temperature a few degrees…not enough.
You really only need a 25l bucket…and 50 or so PET bottles. Put your foot down/plead that you’ll save a fortune

I was more concerned about the sunlight on the buckets. Would that cause a problem? The greenhouse would be as warm as the house during the day. It would obviously drop down at night. But summer brewing might be possible and economical. What do you think?

Youll need to keep the temperature between 20 and 30, depending on the yeast. A heat belt would probably be a good idea at night otherwise the bucket will spend the day getting back up to temperature. Uv light wouldn’t be ideal…hence brown beer bottles …but all you’d need to do is cover it…fleeces and blankets will help keep it warm. Id say its doable alright

It can’t get too hot either or it’ll stop as well, I do mine in the hotpress, fuck out a few of those towels at the back, she won’t even notice


Should I be saving up my empty beer bottles? Can wine bottles be capped? I haven’t a clue.

Capping bottles is a pain in the hole. Buy pet screw tops…they also take up a lot less room, and you can tell when your beer is bottle conditioned by squeezing them.
Either that or do it right and buy 500ml swing tops