Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


Any views on this, chaps?


It’ll keep the crusties busy for Christmas and it’ll piss off a few rich people good news all round.


It’s after shaming the government anyway which is no bad thing. Couldn’t argue with the sentiment behind it even if one mightnt be a huge fan of those behind it


I was in favour of it until I saw the clips of Glen Hansard singing outside the building earlier. Now I want all these homeless people back on the street.


It won’t matter a fuck horse. All hell broke out when that poor misfortune died outside Leinster House awhile back and after some flip flipping, they’ve still done fuck all.
Anyway there was a court case today which the owners won.


They can win it all they want they still won’t get them out for ages.


Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that there’s hostel beds available for those in Apollo House. PBP are picketing the offices of Mazars, the fools.


Fr Peter McVerry said today that there was at least 100 people for whom there was no bed for last night despite what Coveney said. Said a lot of homeless people end up sleeping on mats in merchant house in some kind of communal area as they are afraid to go to some of the hostels.

I’m taking him ato his word because I don’t know enough about it tbh


Because Enda said that it must be true?


Has Bressie arrived yet?


It’s cheering up they need


It’s fantastic that Bressie hasn’t been involved. I imagine he’s seething. Although lots of homeless people have real mental health issues so it might be funny if Bressie got involved and told them all to go for a run or something.


Bressie is already lining up a shock interview where he’s going to reveal his battle with nearly being homeless due to his mental health issues. While he didn’t actually ever have to sleep on the street he knows exactly what these people are going through.


At least Bono hasn’t shown up.


He probably owns the fucking gaff


He’ll hover over them on Christmas Eve in his chopper on the way home from Grafton St.


I’m behind this in principal and am giving serious consideration to going up for a few days. Have a load of tools going to waste in recent months.

However i defriended a few fb cunts last night. More of these Upper-Middle-Class spoofers in there for the photo shot with Hansard and the rest. Is there no end to event junkism in Ireland? Its fucking absurd.

But as soon as i saw civil disobiendance i was on board.


Don’t trust those homeless charities when you see what they are spending their donations on. Seen an article during the week were the head person in the Fr Peter McVerry trust was being paid over 90k a year.

Fair play to the people involved in this apollo house venture. I don’t think it has embarrassed the government politicians. They don’t give a fuck unless it is going to affect their pocket.

Hansard and his ilk are still cunts.:grinning:


why shouldnt charities pay good wages to attract top people?


Bressie is all over this lads. You underestimated him