Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


There’s no thinking.


The law me hole. None of the homeless children currently living in hotels would have wound up living there.


People on the housing list would have been housed there.


Not if @carryharry had his way — He wants to ship them off down the country like WW2 refugees :rofl:


and give out like fuck if they end up in his borough.


Ireland in a nutshell :clap:


As far as I can see the activists want homeless people housed in derelict Georgian properties in the north inner city but have no intention of allowing them to settle in new homes in the leafy suburbs. That’s my take away from this week.


Is part v not capped at 10% now?


possibly, its totally negotiable though. the LA can negotiate to buy more units at a discount rather than take the 10 or 20% at the land value cost. iv seen that happen becuase its a stroke of a pen solution for the council.
either way this development would have housed many many families on the housing list.


You would want your head examined to raise a family in Dublin .


Why is the solution to the homeless issue to house them in City Centres? The City Centre is the most expensive place to live, surely you are better off looking at cheaper properties away from the city centre plus living in the city centre is shite, What is this fascination that homeless folk seem to have with living in the city centre?


Do we have a homeless or a housing crisis? - i’d say it’s the latter and opportunism is painting it as the former. Of course we have homlessness and people in halfway homes but as stats go I dont think we are as bad as many other nations? You also have the issue of many of hose affected by this as a result of them wanting to be housed exactly where they want to be housed …


But if 500 new homes are built, surely those people moving in for a lot of cases would be leaving either a rented accommodation or selling up thus putting other probably more affordable homes on the market. It wont solve 500 homeless families, but it wouldnt be a black and white case of they cant afford it so it would make zero difference. There would be a big knock on effect.


In my stupidity yesterday, I suggested building houses would help alleviate the problem. The financial whizz kids on here just laughed at me… I cant believe you then came along like an even thicker bastard and made the same suggestion. Are you paying attention to the internet at all?


Fucking apes like you wants everyone living in Dublin.
Stupid townie cunt.


There wasn’t a chance in hell that folks dependent on social housing would get within an arses roar of those houses that were planned for Saint Annes park. The cheapest anything on that site would have gone for would be about 400k and that is being conservative.


yes, a point that I acknowledged in that post. I said there is a knock on effect of people buying those houses and therefore leaving other properties behind them, ie potentially creating more supply in other areas.


Cheap houses in Dublin is a pipedream


the catch all “just build houses” doesnt work though. The cost of building is massive. I’ve been working on several housing projects that have had to be shelved because the cost of building them is more than the potential sale price. And then the potential sale price in a lot of cases is far too much for potential buyers. So its a catch 22 situation and all your other cliche shite that keeps it going around in circles. Too expensive to build, too expensive to buy and people cant get money. I honestly dont know a solution to it.

The oft thrown out remarks of councils or developers having properties at hand and not releasing them doesnt factor in the refurb cost which in some cases could be as much to rebuild as refurb and makes it pointless.


There wont be cheap houses in Dublin, unless it is the Council that build the houses, that is the only way there will be social housing in Dublin or the surrounding area. Forget about private developers doing it, Social housing needs to be built by the government/councils and then managed by them.

Social housing should be just be a help to families that are struggling but when their circumstances improve then those families should be told they are above the threshold now for Social housing and they need to move as other families are waiting on the house. But in this country a family gets into Social housing and they don’t move on and then they buy it which decreases the stock of social housing.