Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


How much did the boi loans dept cost the state?


gas craic, shinner “we need 500 social units immediately” but not in my area :rofl:


Yes. Because It would also serve to push investors to buy up more property and would swallow a large amount of tax revenue. This is not a short term crisis and our solutions should not be knee-jerk reactions which are ultimately bad policy. We’ve had plenty of that before and now the state is paying private landlords a fortune.*


Firstly - that wasn’t your issue with his idea initially. You’ve changed your tune.

Secondly, investors buying property to rent at low prices isn’t necessarily a problem - it may incentivise building further and particularly apartments. Ultimately supply is the issue at the moment - not who owns it.

I’d agree with you about best use of exchequer funds. However in an earlier post you suggested landlords should be “super-taxed” - considering most private landlords are on a marginal tax rate of 50% on rental income do you think this is too low. Do you realise that one of the biggest beneficiaries of rent increases is the state.

Finally, any comment on Aodhan “helping” the crisis by his vociferous support of the NIMBY brigade?


@Chocolatemice disappeared from this site for the exact duration of the hurling championship. Only explanation is that he’s on the Limerick panel.


A Private developer wanted to build 500 apartments and houses on a school playing field that has never been rezoned in the affluent suburb of Clontarf. No homeless child would have been allowed look in the gates of this development. Never mind live there.
And spare me the faux concern for children sleeping in Garda Stations considering the poison you post about the same people on this and other threads.


This will be the next thing aimed at Dublin GAA by certain “sports journalists”. Invoking homelessness to demand that wealthy developers are allowed build (astronomically expensive) housing on municipal GAA pitches.

They’ve tried everything else, they’ll try this too.


We want action. When do we want it?- Now.

Houses for free, houses for all.


nah, just bullet proof vests that their guts spill out under


I think you’ll find thats not the case art.


maybe not as pronounced as some of the normal “beat” lads but theyre certainly not as lithe as their colleagues in other jurisdictions.


By law at least 20% of it will have to be social and affordable


There was a woman interviewed on Six-One yesterday who poured cold water on the whole notion of “affordable” housing and on this whole Fine Gael strategy.

“Affordable” means knocking 50k off the price of a 400k property, ie. a PR-driven sham.


Are you saying 536 new homes would have had no impact on the housing crises ?


Affordable to whom?


100 new Part V homes in a housing crises.
But not in my back yard or in the words of Aidan Riordan ‘not appropriate enough’ or according to Sinn Fein "We’re delighted that’s what’s going to happen to it now.”


Farmed salmon mixing with wild salmon .


They’d be free to those who would have gotten them


There isent enough homes in dublin to go around and the problem is getting a whole pile worse, the Oirish are going to have to overcome their irrational fear of 'private developer’s ’


There’s no joined up thinking.